Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season. I love the change in weather. The change in colours. The change in energy.

The shift to Autumn brings about a strange one; the loss of summer, heat and longer days is generally seen in a negative light. However, I have always found that I long for Autumn. I long for the energy shift, the colder nights, the warm foods, and bonfires and blankets.

Autumn began at the equinox which allowed the energy around us to fall, slow down and quieten. With the shortening of our days, we feel our own energy turn inwards. Focusing on slowing down, connecting to our breath. Autumn is a prime time for letting go, decluttering your life, purifying your body and just generally going easy on yourself… “Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.” -Rumi

I am also feeling inspired within my own teaching to embrace all things autumnal. This week I start teaching two new classes at Yoga on the Square which I am beyond excited about. The space is stunning, the people lovely and the general atmosphere is so warm and welcoming. Having these classes bumps my schedule up to teaching four times a week and with this shift in energy to something more peaceful, calming and slowed down, there is something truly lovely about immersing myself in my teaching and my own practice.

This week my classes are focused around this theme. The theme of autumn, of falling, of letting go and really connecting to the breath. Lots of hip opening to allow us to surrender and sink to the earth, some twists and turns to relax the muscles, connective tissues, and improve internal digestive. All rounded up with some sinking and grounding poses to help us truly connect to the earth.  I hope to see lots of you there!

The first of October has inspired me to suck up all things Autumn. I feel inspired to cook food that embodies the colours of autumn, the flavours and spices. Although, I must add, I am not an excellent cook… I would love to be… Maybe I’ll use this autumn to brush up on my cooking and truly fall in love with it.

Stand by… maybe if I get any good I’ll share some with you here…

N E W  C L A S S E S

Tuesdays 1:30-2:30 Vinyasa Flow

Wednesday 5:45-6:56 Reggae Yoga

Both £8 drop in. Booking online recommended. Both available on MoveGB 


Love and blessings x

x Libby ELM x

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