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Meet the towel company that wants to save the ocean. Sand Cloud wants to protect our oceans and marine life through their beautiful towels and accessories. 10% of their profits go to helping do just this.

85% of the litter found in the ocean is plastic. We all know plastic is awful for the environment. We all know that plastic has been amazing over the years in regards to advancing with technology and our general lifestyles, however this has causes such a negative impact on our planet. Plastic does not bio-degrade and stay plastic forever. I’m sure most of us have seen that video of that poor turtle with the straw stuck in her nose. And I do know that this has caused a lot of people to rethink the plastic they use in there lives. Plastic is one of the biggest negative impacts for our oceans as marine life ingest it, get stuck in, get poisoned from it; the list goes on.

71% of out planet is ocean, and in those oceans 93% of our earths inhabitants are there. There are 226,408 marine species know and from that 52% have ingested plastic and 30% being entangled in placates waste; leaving 18% of the plastic left in the ocean to end up on our beaches.

Sand Cloud want to change this. Out of their profits they donate 10% to marine life foundations like the SurfRider Foundation, Pacific Mtiedy_close_1024x1024arine Mammal Centre and San Diego Coast Keeper: all working to protect our beaches, oceans and marine life.

Sand cloud have created a beautiful array of towels (as well as accessories), in a variety of colours and patterns that are hand-loomed in Turkey our of 10

0% Turkish cotton, as well as the tie-dyed and acid wash designed being hand-dyed and “one of a kind”.

Their website features a blog with updates, photoblogs, as well as tips for helping to protect the oceans yourself. Here are there 14 ways you can help to save our beaches:

1. Take care of your trash (properly)

Be sure to recycle any plastics you use at home or bring to the beach. Always double check your packaging and the bin you are disposing it in to make sure you found the right match.

2. Change your packaging

Along with recycling disposable packaging, why not switch to a more eco-friendly option? Try reusable glass, wood, or metal instead. Also, try biodegradable plastics to decrease the amount of leftover packaging littering the shores.

3. Feed yourself, not the animals

If you do decide to bring food to the beach, make sure it’s for you, and only you! Don’t disrupt the diets of the animals, such as birds or fishes, that are sharing the shore and sea with you.

4. Cut the 6 pack

Don’t worry, you don’t have to cut root beer out of your diet to help out! Simply grab some scissors to cut apart the plastic wrapping of your 6 pack to make sure marine animals don’t get caught in the holes.

5. Join a clean-up!

If you live near the beach, tag along to a local clean-up. Team up with an organization or plan it yourself! Check out the San Diego Pacific Beach clean-up we hosted with San Diego Coastkeepers this past June.

6. Adopt a beach

Wanna go a step further? Take a beach under your wing! As an organization, community, or group, you and fellow beach-lovers can adopt an area to regularly maintain and clean up.

7. Contact your local rep

Get political! Call or write your local congressman (or woman!) about important issues facing your ocean community. Be the voice for the marine life that can’t speak up for themselves.

8. Consume sustainably caught seafood

If you eat seafood, research the fish you buy and restaurants you eat at to. Make sure you are not contributing to an unethical and unsafe practice.

9. Change your sunscreen

Buy organic sunscreens, or look with a sun protectant with safe ingredients. Keep your skin safe from harm, while also decreasing potential threat to the ocean.

10. Be an ocean-friendly pet owner

If you bring your pets to the beach, make sure to clean up after them. Even if you are no where near the sea, read pet food labels, never flush cat litter down the drain, and don’t mix wild-caught saltwater fish with your aquarium friends (or the other way around).

11. Take a safe trip

When you’re planning on taking your trip off-land, be sure to travel the waters responsibly. Research eco-friendly cruise lines, and be a respectful kayaker, canoer, or boater by acknowledging the presence of marine life (don’t throw anything overboard!).

12. Donate to the cause

Give money to charity! You can donate to one of our three partners, or another local organization close to your ocean-loving heart. You can also contribute by supporting a marine national park in your area.

13. Spread the word

Hey, why not talk to your family and friends about all you learned? Educate everyone you love so that they can help do their part to protect the oceans we all love.

14. Buy a Sand Cloud!

That’s right, even online shopping helps out! Sand Cloud donates 10% of our net profits to protect marine life. (Spending hours on our online store isn’t such a guilty pleasure anymore, huh?) “

I have the Wanderlust Tie-Dye Beach Towel and I absolutely adore it. It is incredibly soft and you can honestly use it for ANYTHING. I use it all the time for yoga. But also as a  blanket, bedspread etc – just waiting for it to get warmer in the UK so I can take it to the beach! I honesty could recommend this company anymore. Not only do they create beautiful products, but their mission and work alongside is something truly inspiring and something I hope a lot more companies feel empowered to do.

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